Amelia Damplo


What I offer

Video content that unveils the time, energy, and love behind the work my clients make. In order to tell an artist’s story, I shoot and edit from an artist’s perspective, so their videos truly complement their work. I help my clients convey the value of their entire practice, so that their customers and viewers have a deeper appreciation for what they do.

One reason my videos are able to capture an artist’s story is that they truly feel behind-the-scenes. I’m a one-woman-show, keeping the environment relaxed and natural. At the same time, I offer my complete attention and take part in the full process, from conception to filming and editing.



Process videos (and photos, too) – a documentary style behind-the-scenes look at you in your studio, making what you make. Something really unique and beautiful always emerges from the collection of moments I’ve captured, and I edit them to tell your complete story. Plus:

- portrait videos (with interviews) for small businesses
- online course or workshop videos
- time-lapse videos
- social media content