Amelia Damplo



I am a videographer with a deep appreciation for other makers’ stories and their creative processes. What started as an art practice in sculpture while studying fine arts in college led to a desire to communicate my ideas through a digital medium. I began to create in a different way, but I still appreciated all of the patience, energy, and love that went into handcrafted objects and the processes behind them.

After receiving my BFA, I began visiting art studios through work at a contemporary art museum. It was such a gift to be able to step into these workspaces that felt private and sacred. I loved that special behind-the-scenes access—one where I could bear witness to a unique creative process and the overlap of work and life. It inspired me to consider all parts of my day as opportunities to create.

Filming and editing videos for artists, makers, and small businesses—whether they have products to sell, skills to teach, or businesses to grow—doesn’t just give me the opportunity to step into an artist’s studio. It gives others a chance to see what I see. It allows not just one person, but an audience to establish a deeply intimate and lasting relationship with the person behind the work. 

Video editing feels sculptural in a way to me—I meticulously cut and rearrange footage to build and convey a story. In the end, I’ve created a visual portrait of the creative process that is art in itself. By helping to nurture and uplift what others create, I nurture and uplift my own work. See my services page to learn how we can lift our work up together.