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My work is all about connecting with an inspiring, creative community. I partner with artists and small businesses to tell their stories—and the love and energy that feeds their own passions—through video. I go behind-the-scenes to capture intimate footage, then carefully edit to reveal the uniqueness of my subject’s creative process.

I found my own voice through video while studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. I’m drawn to the accessibility and instant gratification of digital media, but my approach to editing is meticulous and sculptural in that I can cut and rearrange infinitely to build a new narrative. In the end, I produce visual stories for my clients, told through the eyes of an artist.

Just as I honor your practice, I value every detail of my daily experiments in the kitchen and explorations on my yoga mat. My yoga practice informs my video work—on my mat, I have to focus, observe, and balance on one foot, all while remembering to breathe. And that certainly comes in handy when I’m behind the camera!

I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Mark, and our dog, Sammie.